The Importance of Return Logistics

A Simple Returns Procedure = More Sales

Customers expect your returns process to be simple. They don’t expect to spend hours on the phone trying to sort it out.

According to UPS, 67% of online shoppers check out an online shop’s returns policy before making their purchase. An easy to find and simple return procedure is crucial to converting sales and keeping customers loyal.

“Our customers can easily return their online orders in one of our stores or by contacting customer service, who then emails a return label to the customer.

"Returns are sent to our stores instead of our DC’s, as this gives us a more efficient flow. When the return shipment arrives at the store, the employee simply scans the return label, and the store stock is updated immediately.

Ole Rønnest Nielsen,Head of Logistics IT at JYSK

The Returns Dilemma

Consignor shipment data shows the number of returns increased 51% in Q4 2020 compared to Q4 2019.

Returns are a huge expense for retailers because of the additional shipping costs and extra handling at the warehouse.

You can reduce this by implementing a sustainable returns process by digitizing and simplifying returns handling at your warehouse, as well as reducing the number of returns by implementing these tips.

This is crucial to keeping costs under control and at the same time offering your customers a smooth returns experience.

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