Expanding into Cross Border eCommerce

Cross Border Shipping Increases

We are increasingly shopping across borders. Consignor shipment data shows that cross border shipments reached an all time high in in Q4 2020, increasing 49% compared to Q4 2019.

Hover over the countries in the map to see the number of parcels shipped, the number of parcels sent across borders and the percentage of exported shipments in each country.

Expanding into cross border eCommerce is not always a simple process to undertake for retailers.

Onboarding carriers in a new country, for example, can be a confusing and complex process to navigate. And bringing data from new carriers into an existing logistics network can also be challenging when a retailer doesn’t have the right processes or partners in place.

Having a multi carrier shipping platform can help retailers to overcome the three most common obstacles to a successful expansion.

How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Barriers to Cross Border eCommerce

Quick onboarding of new carriers allows retailers to adapt

Gain a solid carrier footprint quickly and meet your customers’ increased demands for convenient delivery options.

One centralized shipping platform

Organize data in one central location and make strategic shipping decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Detailed reporting capabilities empower informed business decisions

Analyze your shipping data in one system to gain insights on carrier performance, shipping costs, customer experience etc.

Overcome the Three Most Common Barriers to Cross Border eCommerce

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