Consumers Demand Delivery Options

Make Delivery and Returns your USP

Consumers check out an online shop’s delivery and return terms before making a purchase, which is why having the most appealing terms is essential for converting sales.

Identifying delivery and returns as your USP and a way of attracting customers rather than a cost is crucial to offering a positive checkout experience.

Personalization in the Checkout

Ship Advisor in Consignor presents the most relevant options to your customers in real time based on your predefined shipping rules such as location and product type. But personalization doesn't have to end there. Key data like frequency of purchase, average purchase amount, return rate and loyalty program subscriptions can all contribute to shipping personalization.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

However you choose to slice and dice your personalization data is up to you, however one thing for sure is the demand for offering relevant delivery options is increasing. Consignor shipment data shows that there has been a huge increase in the number of times Ship Advisor has been called to display real-time delivery options in online checkouts.

On Black Friday 2020 that number was up 350% compared to 2019, and on Cyber Monday 2020 the number was up 445% compared to 2019.

The Number of Times Ship Advisor has Generated Real-Time Delivery Options in Online Shops

The Steps for Creating a Seamless Customer Delivery Experience

1. Relevant and Personalized Delivery Options

Offer the delivery options your customers demand and remember to utilize your data for personalization. Fast, free and sustainable delivery options are key, but also offering a variety of convenient options such as home delivery, parcel lockers and click & collect can help attract new and retain existing customers.

2. Transparency is Key

If your delivery terms are hard to find on your website, customers will most likely abandon your online shop. You have to make the terms as easy as possible to find, for example by putting them at the top of your home page in a banner.

3. Provide Regular Order Updates

70% of consumers consider all types of pre-delivery notifications important. Providing tracking updates at key stages of the delivery process keeps your customers happy and can help reduce the number of WISMO calls.

4. Tailor your Notifications

Again, personalization is key. Based on your customer data, you can tailor the message in your delivery notifications and promote relevant marketing discounts and offers based on age, sex, location and more.

5. Offer a Smooth Return Experience

67% of online shoppers check out an online shop’s return policy before making their purchase. Consider offering a return self-service on your website or send the returns label with the parcel to make this process as easy as possible for your customers.

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