Communication and Tracking is Key

Meet your Customers' Expectations

According to a survey commissioned by Infor and conducted by YouGov, 78% of consumers expect to receive status updates on their orders when purchasing goods and may switch brands if the last mile delivery experience fails to meet their expectations. That's why providing tracking updates at every stage of the delivery process is key to keeping your customers happy and reducing the number of WISMO calls.

It's All About Trust

Ecommerce Expert Arne Andersson emphasizes the importance of building a relationship of trust between consumers and retailers by giving the consumer a sense of control of their order through regular track & trace updates.

Ultimately, updating customers through regular delivery notifications helps to keep them loyal and increase your sales.

Delivery notifications present a golden opportunity to promote your brand and products to a highly engaged audience.

Here are some tips to help you turn your parcel delivery updates into a powerful marketing tool.

Turn your Delivery Updates into a Powerful Marketing Tool

1. Embed your Brand Identity

Use your logo and brand colors to clearly show the sender of the update.

2. Choose your Promotion Wisely

Less is more – don’t confuse the recipient with too many promotions in one notification.

3. Provide a Personal Touch

Segment your subscribers (by age, sex, location etc.) and send tailored promotions that resonate with each group.

4. Use Triggers for Different Promotions

Use events such as shipped from warehouse, received at terminal etc. to trigger different promotions.

5. Promote your Social Media Channels

Invite recipients to follow you on social media and encourage them to become brand advocates.

6. Mobile Optimized

Most emails are being read from a mobile device, which is why notifications should be mobile optimized.

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