The Benefits of Click & Collect

Upsell and Personalization Opportunities in Store

When consumers come to the store to pick up items ordered online, 37% make additional purchases they weren't planning on making.

This presents an ideal opportunity for you to enhance the buying experience through relevant upselling and also provide convenient try and return options.

By creating a dedicated click & collect section in store, (and in particular if you’re in the fashion industry,) you can provide seating and changing room facilities specifically for your online customers. This will allow you to minimize the number of returns being shipped back, and provide a platform for your staff to maximize relevant upsell opportunities from the products in your stores.

Personal Service Virtually

Personal service can also be carried out virtually, as technology has made it possible for shop staff to talk directly to customers through video calls.

This allows your store personnel to give customers a closer look and feel of the products which can be difficult in an online shop. Taking it a step further, you could also offer virtual try on’s within apparel and make-up for example.

These are just some of the ways to bring your physical stores and online shop closer together. Working in tandem, this has the potential to encourage more customer loyalty to your brand.

Ship Orders Directly from your Stores

“Out of Stock” listings and long delivery windows are guaranteed to drive customers away from your online shop. You can overcome this by using your brick and mortar stores as active fulfillment centers. By shipping orders directly from stores, there are more opportunities for you to fulfil the order while speeding up deliveries at a lower cost.

"With Consignor, for the smaller items we can pick straightaway, pack in store and ship to customers much quicker because we can split the orders between what needs to go to the DC to be packed and what’s held and processed in store."

James Henry, Head of Multichannel Operations at Harvey Nichols.

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