The Solution

Implemented in a third of the time

It became clear that not only was an alternate delivery service required, but also having a shipping solution that could automate carrier allocation based on different product dimensions was crucial. After assessing different vendors and following a formal procurement process, the Consignor solution was chosen. The platform’s greater level of functionality was a key factor in their decision. But more importantly the speed in which Consignor could be implemented was much quicker compared to its competitors.

“Consignor was able to offer implementation in a third of the time quoted compared to its competitors. The number of carrier integrations they could offer was also much higher as well.” said James

Positive return on investment (ROI)

The ROI from using Consignor was almost immediate:

“The payback from the initial project costs was less than six months." “And with approximately 20-30% of our parcel volume now via the new letterbox service, we have seen substantial savings that wouldn’t have been possible without Consignor.” said James.

Consignor’s support team has ensured there have been no major issues:

“The support team has been very responsive. When our carrier makes changes to their interface (which means it goes down,) they have made sure we’re not impacted.”