The Solution

Automated carrier allocation

Harvey Nichols now has access to many more carrier services for shipping smaller products:

“That means if it goes straight into somebody’s letterbox, there’s no need to wait in for the delivery. There’s no, “Oh, I’ve missed my delivery. Come back three days later.” So it has allowed us to create a better experience for our customers.
“By leveraging Consignor, if the item is below a certain size, if it fits in the envelope-sized packaging, we can then send it on a next day track to letterbox service," James said.

Using Consignor has also meant they can utilize their own product data to automate carrier allocation:

“With Consignor we can utilize product data, including the weight, size, packaging being used and value of the item to automate the selection of the carrier that best meets the needs of our customers.”

The World's Largest Carrier Library

Ship from Store

Besides their distribution centers, Harvey Nichols also ships products directly from their stores. Previously, they used the same premium next day delivery service to send items back to the DC so they could then be shipped to customers. However this didn’t provide the flexibility they required:

“We were picking all items at the store, sending them back to the DC where they’re packed overnight and shipped the next day. This caused delays delivering orders to our customers." said James